The MS Podcast

The MS Podcast

Episode 14. Brain Atrophy And Other Brain Measures In Explaining Physical Disability In Multiple Sclerosis

Brain atrophy is one of the most destructive consequences of MS. In this episode we meet Professor Robert Zivadinov, who will take a closer look at brain atrophy and other brain measures in explaining physical disability in MS.

Episode 13 - The role of Microglia in MS

In this episode of The MS podcast we speak to Finnish professor Laura Airas about the role of microglia in the progression of MS. Tune in to hear about microglia as a marker for disease progression, how PET imaging can be used to detect innate immune cell activation and more.

Episode 12 - Role of EBV in MS and its association with Brain MRI images

EBV is one of the most common human viruses. In this episode we look closer at the role of EBV in MS and its association with Brain MRI images with Professor Robert Zivadinov from the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center.

Episode 11 - Cognitive decline – the invisible burden of MS?

What happens when our cognitive functioning is challenged – which is the case for many people living with MS? To shed some light on the impact of cognitive decline and the future perspectives for cognitive rehabilitation in MS, we have the pleasure of having Hanneke Hulst, assistant professor from the MS center in Amsterdam, (Amsterdam UMC – VUmc), in the studio for this episode.

Episode 10 - A promising biomarker in MS: Neurofilament light chain

The focus in this episode is about how biomarkers are important in MS, as they potentially can help with diagnosing patients, inform about disease prognosis, and help monitor disease activity and progression. Neurofilament light chain (NfL) is one of the most promising biomarkers in MS, but is it ready for clinical practice? 

In this episode, Professor of Neurology Finn Sellebjerg talks about the potential and limitations of this exciting biomarker.

Episode 9 - Thalamic atrophy as a new biomarker of MS? The predictive value and how to use in clinical practice.

In this episode we’ll talk more about what hides behind the structures of our brain, in the core of the thalamus. Thalamic atrophy measurements have existed for a long time, but within MS it is quite new to look into the thalamic atrophy, also as a biomarker. Today’s guest, Prof. Dr. Cristina Granziera, will tell us more about how knowledge about thalamic atrophy can be implemented in clinical practice.

Episode 8 - The importance of Deep Grey matter in MS

MS has long been considered a disease of focal white matter lesions, but recent studies have highlighted the importance of diffuse occult brain damage. Are we facing a paradigm shift? In this episode we'll talk to Dr. Jens Wuerfel about deep grey matter atrophy and advanced imaging to reveal and quantify occult damage of the CNS.

Episode 7 - Measuring brain atrophy. What can be done and where are we heading?

Guest host Svend Geertsen, Medical Advisor for MS in Sanofi Genzyme Denmark, will in this episode discuss the relevance and challenges with measuring brain atrophy with brain imaging experts Morten Blinkenberg, Senior Consultant at the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Center at Rigshospitalet, and Professor Hartwig Siebner, Head of Research at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance at Hvidovre Hospital.

Episode 6 - The reason for MS - beyond inflammation

Professor Gavin Giovannoni will in this episode tell us more about the "real MS" - why we should stop focusing only on relapses and MRI activity, but rather go beyond and look at end organ damage or accelerated brain loss.

Episode 5 - Falling chronically ill – how do I cope and move forward?

Recognized psychologists and author couple behind the Self-coping Guide, Johanna and Jan-Henry Stenberg, will in this episode give insight into the “invisible” dimensions of a chronic disease, and how to cope with chronic illness.

Episode 4 - Exercise as ”medicine” in the treatment of MS 

Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Ulrik Dalgas, addresses physical activity in MS patients today, it’s effects on patients and whether exercise should be considered medicine in the treatment of MS.

Episode 3 - Cognitive training – a curse or a blessing?

In this episode, Paivi Hamalainen, Finnish neuropsychologist at Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Finland talks about the treatment of cognitive impairments of a chronic disease, and what neurologists can learn in order to provide a more holistic approach to treating patients with MS disease.

Episode 2 - How old is your brain?

In this episode, the author behind the world´s first study on brain aging within MS, Einar Høgestøl, whom is Doctor and PhD fellow at the Department of Neurology, Oslo University Hospital, talks about the brain age gap and whether using AI technology could point us towards improved MS care.

Episode 1 - Why has our brain suddenly become of interest?

Elisabeth Gulowsen Celius, Professor and specialist in neurology at Oslo University Hospital talks about what the brain actually can tell us, the importance of brain health in MS, and her contribution to the international Brain Health initiative.


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