Sanofi Genzymes ECTRIMS 2021 Symposium!

Get ready for Sanofi Genzyme’s ECTRIMS 2021 Symposium!

In this symposia we’ll explore the pathophysiology of smoldering inflammation, clinical imaging techniques, and clinical impacts of smoldering inflammation with Dr. Hans Lassman, MD, Dr. Assunta Dal-Bianco, MD and Dr Robert Fox, MD.

With chronic lesions, it’s a long story. Make sure you tune in on October 13th; we’ll reveal some of the hidden depths of inflammation in MS, page by page.

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Symposiet spelas in

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17.45-17.50 CET, 5 min
Welcome and Introduction
Chair: Hans Lassmann, MD

17:50-18.05 CET, 15 min
The Call From Inside the House: Resident CNS Cells and Inflammation
Speaker: Hans Lassmann, MD

18.05-18.20 CET, 15 min
Deep Into Darkness Peering: Visualizing Smoldering Inflammation
Speaker: Assunta Dal-Bianco, MD

18.20-18.35 CET, 15 min
Stranger Things: Clinical Impacts of Smoldering Inflammation
Speaker: Robert Fox, MD

18.35-18.45 CET, 10 min
Closing Remarks and Live Q&A
Chair: Hans Lassmann, MD and All Faculty


Hans Lassmann, MD
Professor, Medical University of Vienna



Assunta Dal-Bianco, MD
Department of Neurology, Medical University of Vienna



Robert Fox, MDRobert Fox, MD
Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis, Cleveland Clinic, USA





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